NCS Moving Services - Household move


NCS Moving Services, Emeryville, also doing business as Red and White Moving Services, Santa Rosa, have provided this customer with the worst moving experience of her life. 1.

They promised high and low that they would take excellent care of me and provide a smooth and happy move. This did not happen 2. They were one hour late, but did not call me – I had to be out by noon, this was stressful. 3.

They showed up with 2 men even though we had contracted for 4 (60 mile move, stairs both ends), then would not start with the move and threatened to leave if I did not sign the contract. Finally a 3rd man was dispatched. 4. I had been told not to wrap my best pictures, antique mirrors and other delicate items as they had special wrapping they would use to protect them.

Instead they took these treasured possessions and stuffed them into bins without protection where they rubbed against each other. They wrapped nothing other than the sofas and one antique armoire letting all good wood furniture and painted items rub against each other for the entire trip. 5. They left the armoire in the garage at the new home claiming it would not fit up the stairs.

I had to pay someone else another $75 to bring it up to my office. It fit. 6. Since items were not handled correctly, these movers racked up $2300 of professionally estimated damages.

7. They refused to acknowledge the damages for nearly a year until I provided witnessed statements. Even then they resisted my insurance company's collection efforts and only offered a $500 settlement from which they would not budge. My insurance made me whole and took good care of me.

However, this company caused extreme stress and upset involving an entire year of my life (I am 66 years old).

Two of the solid wood furniture pieces damaged will never be the same again, they cannot be fully reconditioned. If you move with this company I wish you and your possessions the best of luck!

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